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Expert computers Inc. endeavour to ensure contents of the up to date and exact site. On the other hand, Expert Computers Inc. does not guarantee that the information of the site is not without errors, inaccuracies or omissions. These errors can have milked at the price, the description or the availability of the products. All the images, the text and the prices indicated on this site are based on the most recent information at the time to be put on In spite of our best efforts, errors occur. Expert computers Inc. is not responsible for the photographic or typographical errors. Please note that, although Expert Ordinateurs Inc. try to post the colors of the product presented on this Internet site most exactly possible, we cannot guarantee only the color which you see is that of the product.

Expert computers Inc. reserves the right to correct any error or to change the contents without notice. With its whole discretion, in addition to all the other rights and recourse at its disposal, and without engaging its responsibility, in some manner that it is, Expert Ordinateurs Inc. can, constantly and without opinion, to stop or restrict your access to any element of

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Expert computers Inc. reserves the right to modify the prices with the detail in any time and without notice. The taxes are not included/understood. All the price is in Canadian dollar. In spite of the efforts of Expert Computers Inc. to be most precise possible, the price of an article being reproduced on Internet site can prove to be inaccurate. If the exact price of an article is lower than that on the site, we invoice only the exact price.

Modification in the conditions

Expert computers Inc. reserves the right to modify the present condition in any time for some reason that it is. Any future modification with the way in which we take care of the confidentiality and the safety of the personal informations on your subject will be communicated to you via this section of the site. We invite you to visit this section periodically in order to check changes so were brought there.

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