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The purchase of a computer is not a simple thing. This is why we placed at your disposal the section below in order to inform you the best possible one on the way of storing your computer well. With the special ones which fills out the newspapers, prices always low, how can one compare two systems in the best possible way. Read what follows and you will be enlightened!

Systems of mark:
  • For a few years, the systems of mark have seemed to be dissociated by their competitive prices. On the other hand, you must put some questions before proceeding to the purchase. For example, you must absolutely know of which generation your computer forms part.
  • The guarantee on the components is only one year unless getting a prolonged guarantee (fresh additional) while our components (chart-mistress, processor, video chart, hard drive and screen) all are guaranteed for 3 years by the manufacturer. As for our memory of Kingston mark, it is guaranteed to life. In conclusion, which computer will be the least expensive, that to 599,00$ (guarantee 1 year) or that to 599,00$ (guarantee 3 years)
Description of the parts:
  • To always require a description supplements each component of the computer.
  • To always compare the same models of each part. (Ex: Mother board Asus A8N SLI Deluxe)
  • If it is said to you that a part is less expensive and better, you put questions
What do you want to make? :
  • It is important to specify the use which one will make of the computer (ex: Use of plays, office automation, etc)
  • It is also important to make the distinction between a computer for the play and another for the office. A desktop machine is not designed to adapt to plays 3D. Indeed, the components of this one cannot treat all effectively that turns around a play. It is thus important to make the difference between these two types of computers. It is often possible to add components (ex: video chart, random access memory, etc) in order to transform a desktop machine into a computer for the plays. On the other hand, in the majority of the cases, the performances will be less and often unsatisfactory.
  • You say although only one play in three dimensions (3D) on a desktop machine, it is already one of too
What is this that a play? :
  • When we speak about plays, we speak about plays 3D in which the video chart plays a central role.
  • All the computers, that it is for office automation or for the play, are able to make function any play 2D (ex: card decks, online game, etc). These are not the plays which make work the computer but well the plays in three dimensions (3D).
Quality of the parts:
  • It is important to pay an special attention to the quality of the parts. Let us take as example the power supply unit. In several cases, the trade will put power supply units standard or a case including a standard power supply unit. First error: the standard power supply unit does not contain any protection in the event of electric overload, which, in many cases, will involve breaking, not only of this one, but of the complete computer. Quality does not measure of many Watts but well by the mark and even by the weight of this one. Example: A standard power supply unit 500W is far from being equivalent, in term of quality and safety, with a power supply unit Enermax 350W. Be wary!
Be wary of the gifts:
  • It is well-known, nothing is not free. This is why it is necessary to be wary of the gifts that one offers to you with the purchase of a computer. For example, in several cases, the manufacturer offers an ink jet printer of ink. On the other hand, which this one does not say to you, it is that the cartridges will cost you the price of the printer in question. This is an example among so many others but it shows very well the type of trap which watches for you. It is necessary thus all to envisage even what is not written.

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